Something Needs To Happen?

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Something Needs To Happen? Empty Something Needs To Happen?

Post  LadyVene on Fri May 04, 2012 4:03 am

Hey Everyone..

I have noticed that they hype about this place has died down... and its sad... There must be something that can be done to get ppl to keep coming and joining in the fight to make things better for us all.... List some things that you believe that can be done to make this happen... we could have events. i mean... like not just talk about but them but actually do them. Shocking notion isnt it...

The mods to need to be stopped but the way we are going it dont think is a very good way to do it.. by getting banned and so on is not helping just making the numbers for making a better DotS less and less... We need to fight them on their level... use their rules or i should say guildlines since they only seem to go to the rules when it suits them

SO come one guys get that fire back and likes kick this thing in to high gear!!!!!

The greatest quote ever!!!


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Something Needs To Happen? Empty Re: Something Needs To Happen?

Post  Baltic SeaWolf on Sun May 13, 2012 12:21 am

Seems like this forum is even more dead than the game itself...
Gotta make me feel alive there, lol

But what can be done.. In the game... Well, we may hope for another game breakdown, so devs would show up again.. And then maybe we could talk to them Razz
That's about the best hope we have. Events made by players aren't so great... But to make this game bit more alive, you can always try to get more people playing. Very Happy
From those who you know in real life etc.
Baltic SeaWolf
Baltic SeaWolf

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Something Needs To Happen? Empty Re: Something Needs To Happen?

Post  [Dev]lairylowrie on Sun May 13, 2012 6:07 pm

Good idea Vene, advertising is a piece of piss and can draw in people but... I couldnt do it personally, people are buying items and being scammed 2 minutes later and I don't want that on me. Theres no protection or support, we all know mods are lazy and dont want to help, only to catch people out for swearing (from hase's mouth openly in dots chat) So Devs don't log on and mods dont want to help... we have no chance cheers

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Something Needs To Happen? Empty Re: Something Needs To Happen?

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