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Lag Issues? Empty Lag Issues?

Post  Aphi on Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:00 am

Hey guys just wanted to share my knowledge of how to fix lag while playing DoTS. From my understanding a lot of people prefer the Classic Version of DoTS, and some like to play the new Version.

How To Fix
1. The most common way to clear Lag in any game is to simply clear out your Cache and clear all Browsing Data. This does help a bit but not a lot for most cases.

2. You could also change your computer Graphic Settings to minimum for better performance.
This does help a lot in my personal experience.

3. There are a few other ways to fix your Lag while playing DoTS. Another way is to click the Game Options button and check mark the box "Disable Chat Avatars". This not only Disables players Avatars but it also disables the Smileys in the chat. If you don't mind seeing other players Avatars and Smileys simply disable this feature and the game will not be as laggy for you.

4. For me lag really depends on how fast your computer is and what Browser you are currently using. For all the Classic Version players they have to use Internet Explorer. You can run the New Version on all Browsers indicated on the Start Page (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari). Every browser has a difference when it comes to lag for every player.

For me, i run New Version on FireFox with NO lag at all. But if i were to play on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome i would lag out when switching sectors.

Hope this helps for all you new players out there that are experiencing lag Exclamation If you have any further questions about Fixing Lag please don't hesitate to PM me via Forum or simply message or IGM me in game.
Cheers, cheers

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