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Post  [Dev]lairylowrie on Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:34 am

1) Spam - Posting three or less words, (unless you are playing the games in Off Topic) replying to yourself two or more times with no other user commenting, (unless you are updating,) posting multiple threads by copying and pasting the same comment. Also replying "same as above" will be counted as spam, if you do agree, then please explain why. If you are caught spamming, you will be given a warning, a negative prestige and if it continues, you will be banned.
Note: If you must add more to your post, (and you are not updating) please edit it. Do not continually make back to back posts or you will receive negative prestige!

2) Flaming/Trolling/Rudeness - Bashing or disrespecting other people with words and phrases such as "cunt", "twat", "stop your whining", to me is banter, now some things shuoldnt be said i understand and we all appreciate this but we cannot be held responsible for the sick fucks we have in alli RAK KICK PORK LIPS LAIR YOU WRONGENS!!!! no names mentioned plus more Dirk, Boat lol etc. etc., and posting after every post a particular user posts in order to insult or disrespect him/her, is funny until the person pms you and asks you stop then some1 asks how the weather is. If you are caught continually winding someone up you will be warned by a mod evidence will be looked and from both sides so doing this will relate to you being given a warning and a negative prestige. It if continues, you will be banned. Simple.

3) Respecting Mods and Younger (below 13) we cannot stop them coming here they will come whether we like it or not unforunately - You do not have to agree with Mods or their actions, but Mods are here for a reason, so please do not insult them personally banter is fine. If you feel they are doing something wrong, report it to their superior (admin). You must speak to the moderator who issued the punishment before speaking with the superior. if you can't come to an agreement please speak with superior.

4) Events - Being able to enter events is a privilege in order to win free items. Users who break any of the rules will not be eligible for events at the mod's discretion. Also users who have -5 prestige or more will not be able to participate in ANY forum events.

5) Mod Watch List - Users who continuously disregard forum rules will receive a 7 day ban. 7 day bans are given after a player has received -5 prestige. After the 7 day ban has ended, the user will receive a PM advising them what not to do in future on the forum. The user will also be added to a "mods watch list" where any future breaking of the rules will be notated. Once you receive 3 strikes you will be permanently banned. You will still be able to view forum as a guest and receive CS help in-game for any issues you have.

Exceptions to this rule: Anyone caught posting advertisements or making an account for the sole purpose of advertising with (or without) links to outside websites, or posting repeatedly (or spamming) the same things over and over across multiple threads, in English (or in any other language) will result in an immediate and permanent ban, and your posts will be removed immediately upon discovery.

6) Banned Topics - Do not open or reply in any thread disrespecting a country or race.

Other Banned topics include:
Nude Images - Be warned of the consequences of posting and sharing nude images, the will somehow accidently get leaked, our use any avatar pictures that contain any type of nudity or partial nudity. Your images may be removed and/or your avatar picture will be deleted. You will be given a warning, and a negative prestige. If the posting continues, you will be banned.

Illegal Content- Do not post anything illegal or promoting any kind of illegal activities. Your post will be removed and you will be warned, and given a warning, and a negative prestige. If the posting continues, you will be banned.

Hate- Do not post anything (text, avatars or signatures) which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, racial, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or unlawful. Any such material will be removed at the discretion of a forum moderator and the poster will given a warning, a prestige, and if the posting continues, you will be banned.

7) No Shouting, Swearing, verbal insults - This is a forum where all ages view and post, so remember this when you post. To clarify:
Shouting- This is defined as a block of words using capital letters, or bold letters. For example: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS IS A JOKE!" That is considered shouting and your post will be edited/removed. You will also be given a warning and a negative prestige. If the shouting continues, you will be banned.

Continuious Verbal Insults via PM - This will also not be tolerated. 2 max per day and if you are asked to stop and you do again, you will given a warning, a negative prestige, and if the insults continue, you will be banned.

Please help us keep the forum a friendly place.

Cool Keep posts on topic -No irrelevant or off-topic posts will be allowed. Posts which are not relevant to the thread or forum topic may be moved or removed at the discretion of the BTO moderators/CS without prior notice.
Note: Please post off-topic threads in the Off-Topic section only. Be aware that these posts will be monitored and moderated at the Forum Mod's discretion, as well.

9) Private Messages (PM) - Please keep private messages private. The PM system is designed to allow members to communicate to one another privately. You should never publish private communications in a forum post without the prior permission of the original sender. You may however, copy communications if you find them out of line and report them to moderators, global moderators, and admins. Lastly Moderators may publish Private Messages only as a means of issuing negative prestige for broken forum rules.

10) Post editing & deleting by dots-forum Staff - Ourmoderators and Admin may edit, move or delete posts at any time, without prior notice, to conform to the forum rules. If you have questions about why your post has been moderated, please do so via personal message (PM) rather than publicly. The rules are simple and designed to promote an enjoyable experience for everyone.

11) Language – dots-forum head office may be based in Austrialia but we have agreed that we are playing the English version therefore we ask that you only speak English on the forum and make foreign ones please if you speak the lingo there make and earn FRP so the moderators can understand you. We respect that your primary language may not be English, but we need to be able to understand what you are saying in order to properly moderate the threads and/or posts in this Forum.

12) Decisions - When a political argument occurs, both parties are expected to give their reasons back and forth as to whatever they are fighting about. However, a Moderators word is final. If the argument becomes so intense to the point where a Moderator needs to come in, then that Moderator's word is final. Any user who disobeys the Moderators decision will receive a negative prestige.

13) Before Posting a new thread - Make sure the topic you are about to post hasn't already been discussed in the last few days. If it's on page 1-2 of the forum you are on, don't create a new thread as it will possibly get deleted.
Also, for people who have been here awhile, if someone new posts a topic that has been discussed already but not recently, do NOT post a reply insulting the person for posting it. Instead, simply direct them to the existing thread by posting a link. A forum mod will either remove the duplicate or merge it.

There are always going to be new people coming in that have not discussed certain issues yet. Do not insult them because of it. You will be given a warning/negative prestige, if you are caught doing this.

14) In-Game problems - Please do not post several threads about in-game bugs, server down times etc. , if a thread has already been opened on the same issue. Search to make sure there is no thread with same theme before opening a new one otherwise you will receive warning/negative prestige and the thread will be removed with no prior notice.

15) Have Fun
- Pretty simple, we are here to have fun!

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