A Moderator's Job During Server Problems

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A Moderator's Job During Server Problems Empty A Moderator's Job During Server Problems

Post  [Dev]lairylowrie on Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:16 am

Hello Everyone.

I know you guys get very upset (I do too) when the servers are down, but you must understand that we as moderators have no clue as to what is going on when this happens. The only two people that would possibly know (that we could actually get in touch with) arent online all the time. There is just no way for any of us to contact them when they are offline. And the saddest part is, they are usually offline on weekends. I know it is maddening, but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. None of us are in possession of Home numbers or Mobile numbers and believe me we get just as frustrated as you do.

BUT, in the midst of all this, we still have to do our jobs and moderate the forums as best we can. That is why we are here. We want to try to keep the forums a friendly place so that people can come here and find whatever info may be available. Unfortunately, we as mods, do not have access to all the information. Our jobs are to moderate only and hopefully keep you entertained cause me personally i like to play poker when dots down and that isnt often so defo on that can use facebook to host 8 people up for it?

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